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About us

CharmsDay is here to give women a stylish way to display the momentous occasions in their lives, celebrate their interests and make a keepsake of their memories.

Targeted toward the stylish, well-travelled woman, every piece at CharmsDay has been crafted from 925 silver to ensure quality and intricacy in the designs.

The Inspiration

First hobby. Favorite vacation. Your 21st birthday. A four-legged sibling. Meeting your (now) husband. Marriage. A happy memory.

Life’s full of little moments, each worth celebrating and that’s what CharmsDay is all about – making a keepsake of your special memories.

A charm bracelet isn’t just a bracelet. It’s a collection of your memories and a testament to your signature style. Celebrate the muses behind your memories with charms from CharmsDay.

Crafting Your Story

Every charm at CharmsDay is created with love using 92.5% sterling silver. The handiwork of passionate designers who have brought to life the memories and emotions of different women, each charm is a tribute to your likes and loves. String them together to write your personalized story.

Confused what charms to string together? Don’t worry, CharmsDay has that covered too with the ‘Ready-to-Wear’ collection. Specially curated by the expert stylists at CharmsDay, this collection features fully-loaded bracelets, styled by different themes such as ‘Netflix & Chill’, ‘Monochrome Classic’, ‘Under the Sea’ and more.