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About us

CharmsDay – The Journey

Coffee & Conversation

One afternoon in 2016, a group of girlfriends were having lunch at a quaint café when the conversation turned to the sentimentality, celebration and nostalgia in every women’s life.

This conversation was the first step in building the story of CharmsDay.

Headed by Parul Nagpal, CEO CharmsDay, the team spent several months understanding the millennial women and their choices. The results of this study only reinforced what the team suspected- every woman is unique.

Crafting the Story

Imagine your life was a canvas, what would you fill it with?

With this thought in mind, CharmsDay was founded, with an aim to give women a stylish way to display the momentous occasions in their lives, celebrate their interests and make a keepsake of their memories.

A tribute to your inimitable life, craft your unique story with CharmsDay.

Our Collaborators

CharmsDay is backed by Liali Jewellery LLC.

About Liali Jewellery LLC : A Dubai based company, Liali has a number of boutiques under the same name. It began in 1999, when Raed Ahmad Baker and Anuraag Sinha embarked upon the journey to adorn the Middle East with the finest of jewellery. Over the 18 years, it has grown to become a giant in the jewellery industry, with a variety of collections and brands underneath it.