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A charm bracelet isn’t just a bracelet. It’s a collection of your memories and a testament to your signature style. Celebrate the muses behind your memories with charms from CharmsDay.

Every charm at CharmsDay is created with love using 92.5% sterling silver. The handiwork of passionate designers who have brought to life the memories and emotions of different women, each charm is a tribute to your likes and loves. String them together to write your personalised story.

Why 92.5% Sterling Silver?

The 92.5% indicates the amount of pure silver in the metal. The other 7.5% is another metal, usually copper. A standard among silver grades, most jewellery manufacturers prefer the use of sterling silver since pure silver is soft, too malleable and easily damaged. 92.5% sterling silver not only gives jewellery designers the freedom to create beautiful, more intricate designs, it’s also perfect for regular use.